The 3 Best Tennis Strings for Spin in 2019 Reviews

People who are into tennis, know that tennis string also plays a crucial role in determining the overall performance. Strong strings help in bouncing and controlling the movement of the ball. Most of us give a lot of importance in finding the right tennis racquet- light or heavy, firmness and grip of handle etc. Buying the right string for the racquet is one feature that is always overlooked.

With several types and styles of string available in the market, finding the right string that improves your performance is vital. To help you choose the best, this guide offers a curated list of Best 3 Tennis Strings for Spin.

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
Solinco Heaven Strings Hyper-G Tennis String4.7
RPM Blast Black 17g Strings4.7
Luxilon ALU Power Spin 127 Tennis Racquet String4.6

Top 3 Best Tennis Strings for Spin

1. Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin Poly String

Solinco Hyper-G is the best tennis string for skilled tennis players. The Hyper-G string is made square-shaped co-poly material, which helps in delivering powerful high spins. This string is ideal for those players who do not have strong power game as it helps them to gain more control over the accuracy and spin of the return shot. The best thing about this brand’s string is that its firmness is medium. Therefore, when the ball hits the racket, the effect of the string on the ball is minimal while giving more power to the player to deliver strong movements.

When you hit a ball with Hyper-G stringed racket, the responsiveness of the string is very good. This feature, which is advantageous for delivering powerful spin, is the reason why many players choose this brand of string. The string helps in holding the ball for a fraction of a second longer thereby helping you take control of its return movement and spin it as you like. Though the string quality and durability are top-notch, many players experience a slight drop in power during delivery. This leads to the requirement of a little stronger swing to make up for the loss of power. Therefore, this string is best for professional players as they have experience and know strategies to make up for this small drawback of the string.


  • Good responsiveness
  • Gives more power to the player for controlling the ball movement
  • Helps in generating powerful spins

2. RPM Blast Black 17g Strings

RPM Blast Black string is the best tennis string for delivering top spins. This brand’s string is popular among those players who want a strong and durable string to deliver powerful spins. The length of the string is 40 ft and the total gauge is 1.25mm (17 ft). RPM strings composition involves co-polyester which helps in making these monofilament strings that come in octagonal profile. The octagonal feature gives flexibility in the sliding of strings which helps in generating more spins on the ball. The string is dyed in black colour and coated with silicone. These components add to the effect of spin to a greater extent as black colour makes the string slightly stiffer while silicone coating helps in easy sliding of strings across each other.

With the help of modern technology, the strings are created to have less friction which in turn makes these free-moving, more durable and long-lasting. Though it is made of polyesters like other traditional, RPM Blast strings are slightly softer which certainly provides great comfort for those using heavy rackets. What makes this brand’s string a top-notch in the market are the features offer such as making control, longevity and napping. The strings are very stretchy as it retains elasticity after each shot. The only drawback is that the stiffness can cause wrist and elbow discomforts.


  • The octagonal profile helps in free sliding of the string which enhances the spin of the ball
  • Best for heavy and big racket users
  • Less string friction which gives more control to the player for movement

3. Luxilon ALU Power Spin 127 Tennis Racquet String

Luxilon ALU Power Spin 127 Tennis String made into this list due to its ability to withstand huge shots and maintain precision while helping your shots to stay within the lines. This is a 5-sided co-polyester string. The pentagonal shape and sharp edge help in delivering amazing snapback with top-notch powerful spins. The string of this brand is ideal for a hybrid string set up.

The string delivers ultra-predictable responses on fast swings. It has controllable above medium power for polyester and is very comfortable to use. The unique precision feel and extremely predictable trajectory of this string give outstanding control to the player. The only drawback is that this string is not for beginners or weak players. Luxilon ALU Power Spin is the best option available for the advanced player who is looking for strings that can generate impressive feel and exceptional command over the ball.


  • Extreme response to fast swings
  • Great feel and exceptional command over the ball
  • Impressive snapback with a powerful spin
  • Ideal for hybrid set-up


These are the best racket strings for those looking for durability, control in movement and longevity. These 3 strings are unique in their features and are listed according to their overall performance.

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