The 3 Best Tennis Backpacks in 2019 Reviews

Each Tennis player knows how significant is the perfect carrying bag to keep together and carry the tennis gear. No matter whether you are just a learner or a tournament player you would require a tennis backpack to fit your requirements. Selection of the right type of tennis backpack that fits your racket and other gear collection of tennis like balls, towels, shoes, drinks, shoes, etc is challenging. Various tennis backpacks are available in the market that may suit your needs. Here is a guide to enable you to pick the best tennis backpacks to meet your requirements.

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
LISH Men's Court Advantage Tennis Backpack4.7
Wilson Fed Team Backpack4.7
Babolat 2018 Pure Series Quality Tennis Backpack4.6

Top 3 Best Tennis Backpacks

1. LISH Men’s Court Advantage Tennis Backpack

The LISH Men’s Court Advantage Racquet tennis backpack is one of the best tennis totes for the tennis players. This tennis backpack has a separate compartment for racquets in which one to two rackets can be comfortably arranged. The backpack is fully zipped which ensures the safety and security of all the tennis gears. It also consists of a small zip pocket which can be used to keep the small items such as wallets, keys or other precious items.

LISH Men’s Court Advantage Tennis Backpack contains the padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted as you find fit and provides a cushion comfort. Its rapid grab handle on the side makes it trouble-free to hold it and move away when you are in a rush or hurry. It has a spacious section which is designed to hold the extra tennis ball cans, shoes or other important things. This tennis backpack has an elastic pocket at its side which is the perfect water bottle storage space.

Each backpack of LISH Men’s Tennis Court bag is prepared from 600 denier polyester and with high-quality stitching for long-lasting. These bags measure 18 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 6.5 inches in depth that is sufficient to fix the tennis racquets of up to the width of 11.5 inches. The availability of this exclusive tennis backpack in contemporary colors and its fabrics which are textured luxuriously makes it your perfect choice.


  • Keeps racquets safe and secure
  • Very comfortable to carry
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Are manufactured using high-quality products

2. Wilson Fed Team Backpack

Wilson Feb Team Tennis Bag is an excellent tennis racquet bag for tennis players. These are available in two colors i.e. black and white. This bag contains the two main racquet compartments along with the locking zippers. These compartments can hold a maximum of six medium-sized racquets and other gears. It has an additional compartment at the interior with the interior pockets that can be used to store your valuables. An exterior mesh pocket is also available in this bag to store the water bottles. You can also arrange your accessories in its front pocket.

Wilson Feb Team Tennis Bags are classically designed by the white screen print logo and finely printed signature of Roger Federer. Its padded and adjustable strap on the top makes it comfortable to carry. These bags are available in the dimension of 18.5 inches in length, 12.5 inches in width and 10 inches in depth.


  • Comfortable to carry
  • Large and additional compartments with locking zippers
  • Exterior mesh pockets for water bottles
  • Classic design with Roger Federer’s signature

3. Babolat 2018 Pure Series Quality Tennis Backpack

Babolat Pure Series quality tennis backpacks are one of the best tennis backpacks with streamlines and sleek designs. It offers a good and sufficient amount of space for on the go tennis player. Babolat Pure Series quality tennis backpacks consist of the top quality padded compartment which is designed to hold one racquet but it can hold around two racquets in a pinch. Its main compartment can be used for keeping other tennis player accessories like shoes, towels, etc. This pure series quality tennis backpack contains two side accessory pockets that can be used to keep the smaller accessories that are required frequently. It also has a ventilated pocket at its bottom that can be used for keeping the dirty shoes or other dirty gears. These are the larger backpacks measuring the dimension of 18″ x 13″ x 6″. It has the plush padded straps that help in comfortably carrying and also gives it a modern and classy look.


  • A top quality padded backpack
  • Larger sized tennis backpack
  • Plush padded straps
  • Additional ventilated pocket at the bottom of the backpack

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