The 5 Best Pickleball Paddles in 2019 Reviews

Do you wish to have a pickleball paddle to play pickleball? You can make your holidays enjoyable by playing pickleball. It is a paddleball sport combining parts of badminton, tennis as well as table tennis. Paddles are made using wood or composite material, and it is used to hit a polymer ball over the net. This sport is now enjoyed by people of all age groups. Pickleball can be played both indoor and outdoor.

While this game is more interesting and offers joy, still deciding which pickleball paddle to use is a daunting task. There are people who simply buy any pickleball paddle, and then they face issues such as poor performance, damages, etc.

Issues faced when you choose the wrong type of pickleball paddle:

Poor performance – Not all the pickleball paddles you get in the market are good. Only a good brand product will offer you the best performance. Hence, always use the branded sports material for more enhanced gameplay. You can enhance performance and practice the game for a longer period when you choose the right type of pickleball paddle.

Controlled shots – If you make use of the poor quality pickleball paddles, then chances are there that you miss the shot or will be unable to make controlled shots. You need paddle, which is made of proper material and offers features like good grip and controls.

Injury and stress – If you simply use any pickleball paddle, chances are there that you cause injury to your body. You can get more stress on elbows and hands when playing with an inappropriate type of pickleball paddle. Choose that pickleball paddle that doesn’t put much stress on your elbow and offer comfortable playing experience.

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
Amazin' Aces Pickleball Paddle Set4.7
Urtboo Pickleball Paddle Rackets4.7
XS XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set4.7
ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle4.7
Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle4.8

If you wish to know about five best pickleball paddles, then read reviews listed here.

1. Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle Set

This set of pickleball paddles including two graphite pickleball paddles and four pickleball. Also, you get a mesh bag for the storage of pickleball. You get this set at a very affordable rate so that you can play this amazing sport and hit every corner of the court. Another amazing thing about this set is that it is made using superior quality material to offer the best performance to the user.

Using the cutting-edge technology, classic paddles are made. The paddles are lightweight and excellent for the beginner as well as pro. When you order this product, it is delivered to you in a high-quality box, making it a giftable, and the box can also be used for storage purposes. Hence, you see that this pickleball is not only cheap, but it is most suitable and convenient.

Amazin Aces is the best and highly recognized brand, so if you choose this product, you can have a better experience. This pickleball paddle offers great grip and control. It weighs around 8.3oz and has a classic shape and large sweet spot. You are offered this set in three different colors- black & black, single black and blue & pink.

2. Urtboo Pickleball Paddle Rackets

This is another best pick for pickleball paddle. You get a very special designed graphite face honeycomb pickleball with light weight graphite paddle. The paddle is 15.7 inches long while 8.26 inches wide. You get it in two colors- the Blue+yellow A3 model and the yellow+blue A2 model. In this set, you get 2 paddles, 2 neoprene paddle cover, 4 balls, and 2 sweat absorbent.

You can also get single paddles, neoprene paddle and a sweat-absorbent if you don’t want to buy a set. Urtboo pickleball paddle provide the best hit and control feature. It is designed to decrease the stress on shoulders and elbows.

3. XS XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

This set of pickleball paddle is tested and approved by USAPA. On the face of the paddle you can see the USAPA approval seal. This set comes with a portable pickleball bag, and you can even use it as a shoulder bag. The graphite face of this pickleball paddle offers precise ball control as well as nice pop. This set is best for the both intermediate and advanced players.

The core of the pickleball paddle is made of a polymer which makes it softest as well as quietest. It offers racket a defined strength, durability as well as performance. The paddle is equipped with a low profile edge guard which offers high durability against court damages. Color choices you get are- red+ blue set + 4 indoor balls + bag, Blue with a cover or single wrap, and a sharp eagle set with 2 indoor ball and 2 outdoor ball and a bag.

4. ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

This is the best Onix pickleball paddle in the stores. It comes in different colors like blue, mod blue, red, pink, green, purple and so on. You can pick your favorite colour pickleball paddle. This paddle is made with high quality material and offers superior ball control. It has a Nomex honeycomb core as well as a graphite face. The dimension of a paddle is 15.5” Length, 8.3” width and 1.5” height. The weight of this pickleball paddle is 7.5 to 8.2oz.

5. Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

Another good brand is Selkirk amped, which offers pickleball paddle in a number of colours. This pickleball paddle is also USAPA tested and approved. This brand is popular and used by a number of professional as well as ranked players all across the world.

The amped technology is used to create a larger as well as highly responsive sweet pot on the pickleball paddle. The core of this paddle is made of X5 polypropylene polymer, which amplifies its power as well as control feature. The face of this paddle is made of a fiberflex unidirectional fiberglass which offers the best play feel as well as enhanced performance. The weight of this paddle is 8.0-8.4oz. Dimensions are- 16.5 x 3 x 1.8

This was our list of top pickleball paddles for you.

Buying guide

In the market today, there are a variety of pickleball paddles available. They are offered you in various size, shape as well as cores however which one is best for you can be difficult to decide. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when picking up a pickleball paddle.

The core
The core forms the mainstay of the paddle and it is a crucial part which governs whether paddle will be heavy or lightweight when gripped. Three most popular core are-

  • Nomex core – this polymer is nylon-based, and it is best because of its flexibility as well as lightweight design. A honeycomb framework is dipped into polymer resin and then cooled to harden it. Nomex paddle are regarded as light weight and tough however, it is hard and noisy as compared to other. It lacks the cushioning effect.
  • Aluminium core – this core is known for its weight, heavy hitting and power. Same as Nomex core it is designed utilising honeycomb shape; however it is dipped in aluminium hexagonal wall instead of dipping in polymer resin. This core is lack controls and can be balanced using a fiberglass face.
  • Polypropylene core – this is also one of the most popular cores. It is primarily picked to make paddle and it enhances both durability as well as its lightweight property. This material is soft, the inner structure is flexible and have the proper amount of bounce. Soft surface makes a cushioning effect and makes it less reflective.

The material
Make sure you check the material when picking pickleball paddle. The material will determine the deflective feature. So, you can look for any of these materials and choose any one of them as per your needs-

  • Polymer – a polymer is a mixture of plastic and resin. They are durable and lightweight and highly affordable variants. Polymer paddles are popular among sporting clubs and best for casual and amateur gamers. Polymer paddles are not suitable for a professional player.
  • Wood – ever since pickleball paddle came into being, they were made using wood. Initial paddles were simple; however over the years the wooden design was refined and now more sophisticated designs are made. Today you can find wooden paddles with features like ornate grips and wrist straps for control. Plywood is now replaced with hardwood to offer extra durability as well as hitting power.
  • Graphite – professional pickleball player choose graphite pickleball paddle. Graphite paddles are light weighted as well as more responsive. Using graphite paddles, players can make strong as well as controlled shots. It’s wonderful stroke accuracy with edge guard is best for a wider hitting surface.
  • Composite – This is also an amazing material for pickleball paddle. It is made by amalgamation of a number of materials. It is expensive and a professional-grade paddle and it is meant for professional players.

Some more well-recognised material used for making the pickleball is- aluminium, fiberglass, polymer surfaced and UV-resistant vinyl.

Paddle size
When choosing the pickleball paddle considers the size of the paddle. The preferable size for paddle is less than 24 inches. You should consider choosing 8 by 16 inches paddle for short and long paddles. This measurement confirms that there is an optimum balance in the paddle and offers wide hitting surface. Professionals go for a longer paddle as it offers a better grip.

A light weight paddle needs a fast reaction time as well as fast swing speed in comparison to heavier ones. Beginners prefer heavier ones because then they can use less strength and low speed to make a powerful hit. Light weight paddles are more preferred in pro play and heavier paddlers are used in a single game.

The grip
A paddle with right grip is responsible for offering accurate shots as well as control banks. You should avoid too long or too short grips. A good grip compliments the player’s hand and it is of your palm size. A long grip offers more paddle stability and short offers more control; however it is better to go with a grip which fits in your palm.

A face finish is considered an important part when choosing paddles. A paddle face must be durable and sturdy. It comes in various materials from plastic to graphite, wood to composite, etc. it is important that you choose that one which is ultraviolet inhibitor and cannot be decolorized or sun damages.

USAPA has put forward standards which prohibits a paddle havingthe trampoline effect. Example- when you take paddle of 3 kg weight, the ball it hits should not deflect more than 5000th of an inch. Paddle having spring in its core tends to show more deflection. It can reduce the accuracy of shots and reduces controls.

Players may not consider sound an important thing to consider but still, we mention it here. If you reside in noise-sensitive area then don’t go with paddle which makes a lot of sounds while the game as it can be inconvenient for those living around you. In such case, best is to prevent Nomex core paddle and use polypropylene paddle as it has foamed centre which offers less noise and more cushioning.

Edge guard
Protection of the edges of paddle is done by edge guard. It offers resistance to chip damage. Most ideal edge guard is one which is medium sized however larger one offers a wider hitting area. The wider guard can make paddle heavy as well as impact your performances. So, make sure you choose pickleball paddle having the appropriate size of edge guard.

Suitable colour
Some may not consider this an important factor to consider. Some colours can help to distract your opponents and make them miss the shot. Hence, it is an art to choose the color of paddle. Choose the colour which makes your mood lit.

No matter how attractive a pickle paddle looks like, always buy a paddle which falls under your budget. Don’t go for an extremely high-priced product and also not for the extremely low-product.

These were a few points to consider when picking pickleball paddle.

When choosing the right pickleball paddle you can also ask a few of these questions to yourself and you will be able to find an ideal pickleball paddle which meets your need.

Am I a skilled player?
An essential part of playing knows your skills. You must know that whether you are an amateur or a professional player. An amateur must not go for the professional grade paddles and they must stick to a wooden paddle. Buying a professional grade paddle when you lack skills is of no use to you and you cannot have better playing experience without skills. So start with amateur grade paddles and then when you become confident and skilled go for the professional-grade paddles.

What kind of shots I want to make?
You must know your style of playing and know about the shots. For powerful hits lightweight paddles are best; however, amateurs should go for heavy ones as they can’t make such powerful shots easily with lightweight paddles.

Know whether you are an outdoor or indoor player?
For outdoor playing, you should prefer UV resistant paddles as they cannot be decolorized or damages by UV. But if your paddle is not UV resistant then you can see a poor performance by the paddle, deterioration in colour and lack of focus. However, if you prefer indoor play, then choose paddle which does not put more stress on edge guard.
It must be noted here that buying a pickleball paddle which is cheaper is better than buying expensive ones. Cheaper paddles can be easily replaced; however, it is not easy to find a replacement for the expensive types. But the difference between the cheap and expensive paddle is that cheap ones last for sometimes while expensive ones can last longer.

If you wish to avoid issues like performance, lack of concentration and inaccurate shots then choose the pickleball paddle keeping in mind the previously described points. You can find the right type easily using above points.

We hope this article was useful and now you will be able to play pickleball with your family, friends and kids. Enjoy your holidays and playing is good for improving health. Pickleball is also a game which improves your health. Many people play this game today, so you should also try it out. It is not a new game but still very famous. Parents can teach this game to kids and instead of wasting time on social media it is better to involve in environment where you can have fun with real people.

So, are you ready for showing your best performance in next pickleball match? Go get that pickleball paddle from store and start practicing today to beat your opponent. You can become a professional player if you understand the importance of right pickleball paddle and improve your skills.

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