The 5 Best Tennis Rackets in 2019 Reviews

Tennis is an Olympic sport, which is loved by all age groups. It can be played by anyone who can hold and swing the racket so that the rubber ball reaches the opponent’s court. It is such an energetic game that millions play for recreational purpose. Playing tennis releases all the pent-up energy and is a good way to maintain great health. Regardless of the level of experience, one has in playing tennis, anyone will have an idea on the type of racket they are using or have used before. There are tennis rackets that are meant for beginners, intermediates and pro players available in the market nowadays. Rackets play an important role in your performance on the court. Therefore, selecting the right racket after considering certain criteria will help you succeed in your play. Thus, below is a curated list of 5 Best Tennis Rackets of 2019.

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet4.8
HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet (4-3/8), Strung4.7
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket4.7
Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket4.6
Babolat 2019 Boost Drive (Boost D)Tennis Racquet - Strung with Cover4.5

Top 5 Best Tennis Rackets

1. Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet

The Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is from the brand Wilson Sporting Goods Co. which is an integral part of more than 500 Grand Slams. They are also the Official Ball of US Open and partner of the USTA. This racquet is best for beginners, kids and also suitable for other age groups. It is the most popular racquet especially for kids at the early stage of learning tennis. The most notable feature of this racket is that it is available in four different sizes and colors. This means you can upgrade to the next size as your child grows without changing the type of racket. The sizes available are 19″ in orange color meant for 4 years or younger, 21″ in green color for 4 to 5-year-olds, 23″ in red color for 6-8-year-olds and 25″ in black for 9-10-year-olds. The head size of this particular racket is 25″ and is ideal for 10-year-olds and younger. The rackets are pre-strung and come without a cover.

These rackets feature Wilson logo painted in red on the strings and throat. The frame edges have prints of sizes in inches. It also has a US Open printed on top of the racquet head. While using, this racket does not feel too heavy, hard, or long. It weighs 6.6 ounces, which means it is lightweight and easy to swing. If your child is learning to play tennis, then this is the best racket to start with as it is designed in such a way that they can feel the swinging and ball hitting the racket. The string pattern is standard; therefore, it is not designed for spin or power play. Overall, this is the best racket for beginners in kids as mentioned in the name of the racket.

2. HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet (4-3/8), Strung

The Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquets are lightweight racquets with a titanium frame. These rackets are ideal for beginners. Comparing to Wilson US Open Junior Rackets, these are pricey and have extra technology that is great for all-court players. The racket is made by a combination of graphite and titanium. The ultra-strong titanium adds to the creation of lightweight yet sturdy rackets while graphite enhances its durability and feel. The head size of this racket is 115 square inches, thus making it the most forgiving racket available in the market today. Along with the larger head size, it is 1-inch head heavy. This means the weight of the racket is unevenly distributed with a head weighing more.

The weight of the racket is 8 oz while still managing to maintain stiff construction that results in the delivery of powerful shots. The string pattern used in this is 16 X 9. This racket is extra-long with a length of 27 3/4″. This adds to the advantage of beginners as it gives the perfect reach and power needed for them. Although this rackets best suited for all-court players who deliver compact to medium shots with lots of spins, the racket can work smoothly in most styles of play.

3. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

Being called as one of Wilson’s bestselling Racquet, Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 lives up to the popularity in all the aspects. The rackets made by using Hammer technology are lighter with larger and higher sweet spots. These are Hyper Carbon Models, which are four times stiffer and stronger along with approximately 65% lighter than Titanium built rackets. This racket falls in the Tweener Tennis Racquet category and is designed to have a beautiful balance of both control and power. These qualities help in improving the game and make this racket the best choice for intermediate players.

Hyper Hammer 5.3 rackets are also ideal for adults who indulge in recreational tennis games as it helps them deliver powerful shots without losing control. The rackets are available in two models with different head sizes. The Midplus has 95 square inch head while oversize comes with 110 square inch head. This particular racket has an oversized head which gives more power to the shots as it is more forgiving. It also features open string patterns that add to the power and helps in delivering spins. The 27.5-inch elongated frame gives longer reach and better serving angles. All these characteristics are specifically designed by focusing on players who are trying to improve their game.

4. Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

Wilson Blade Team rackets have clean frame geometry and design made purely from the current Blade performance franchise of the Wilson Sporting Good Co. The inner rim above 3 and 9 have subtle and detailed pattern with a matte finish. This racket model features thinner beam construction which helps in control and delivery of precise attacking styles. This quality of the racket makes it the best choice for aggressive players.

Focusing on providing more comfort, the racket strings are made arm-friendly therefore, it comes pre-strung with Wilson Sensation 16L/1.25. The string pattern of this model is 16 X 18. The head size of the racket is 99 square inch (Midplus rackets) which adds a nice blend of both control and power. The strung balance of this racket model is 2 pts HL (Heavy-light). This means the mass is more on the handle of the racket and not evenly distributed. Though heavy-light rackets are generally heavy due to uneven weight distribution, these rackets give the player the necessary maneuverability and control.

5. Babolat 2019 Boost D (Boost Drive) Tennis Racquet – Strung with Cover

Babolat’s 2019 update to Boost racquet line is the introduction of Boost D tennis rackets. Available in blue and white colours, Babolat provides comfort by using a modern carbon fibre frame from Woofer Grommet system. This full- graphite, manoeuvrable, oversize rackets are ideal for beginners as well as a junior player who is looking to upgrade to their first full-sized adult frames. The head size of Boost D is 105 square inches. The strung weighs incredibly as low as 9.8 ounces which imparts a lightweight feel. These rackets come pre-strung with BabolatSpiralTex which makes it easy for handling also by recreational players. The racket comes singly in a lightly padded cover meant for protection and a shoulder strap.

Buyers Guide

If you are planning to buy tennis rackets, then either you owned one previously or you are completely new to the racket world. The experienced players will have an idea of what to look for while buying their next racket set whereas the situation is different with newbies. This guide is written to help all those who want to know the features to look for in tennis rackets while buying them.

Before that let us just discuss the types of rackets commonly used.

There are 3 most commonly used rackets – Power, Tweener and Control rackets.

  • Power rackets – Like the name, these rackets allow players to hit the balls hard without exerting much effort. Therefore, these rackets are ideal for beginners who are yet to learn hitting techniques and develop skills in power delivery. These rackets are also suitable for those players who do not have much strength to generate the power required for shots. Other characteristics to consider while buying power rackets are elongated frame length, stiff frame, oversized head and lighter construction.
  • Control rackets – Also known as players racket, these rackets are the opposite of power rackets. In this type, the player does not depend on power; instead, focus more on controlled and accurate hitting of the ball. This sought of controlled hitting is possible for players who have developed the necessary form, techniques and skill to produce their own power. Therefore, these rackets are ideal for professional and seasoned players. The other characteristics to consider while going for control rackets are shorter and flexible frames, heavier construction and small head size.
  • Tweener rackets – This type of rackets fall between the power and control rackets. Therefore, it appears more as an all-rounder racket that provides a blend of control and power to players. Thus, this type of racket is suitable for recreational players. It is also a good choice for beginner players who are planning to upgrade their rackets for a bit more control. Other characteristics to look for while buying this type of racket are mid-sized length leaning towards the longer side, semi-stiff, mid-weight construction and mid-sized head.

The features to look for while buying tennis rackets

  • Playing style – This feature is not important for new players as you won’t have an idea on their style of play. You need rackets that can do all the possible moves. However, it is important for experienced players to look into this feature before buying a racket. The main four playing styles are served and volleyer, aggressive baseliner, counterpuncher and all-court. Knowing your style of play will help to narrow down on characteristics that you want in your racket.
  • Durability – If you are planning to buy rackets by spending than normal, then you should make sure it lasts longer than usual. Most of the rackets available today are durable, thanks to the racket throwing habit of most of the famous players when they lose points. You need to look for rackets available with a protective covering. If it does not come with covering, look for covers separately. Good caring practices will help in the long life of rackets.
  • Weight – Lighter rackets are best to start out. These give the needed comfort for new players. Heavier rackets are meant for skilled and experienced players as it helps you achieve the power needed to deliver the shot. Heavier rackets need maneuvering skills and professional players have the required experience.
  • Grip size – Knowing the right grip size for you will not only help you in comfort and performance, but it will also help in avoiding injury. If you do not have the proper grip and the racket is either heavy or light, then, there are high chances of you injuring your wrist will maneuvering the racket. Therefore, you need to know the right grip size suitable for you. Correct grip size will help you feel right when you hit the tennis ball. You can measure this size: On your palm, there are two horizontal lines running across. Measure the distance between the bottom horizontal line and your ring finger top. You should get a measurement between 4″ and 4 5/8″. That value is the right grip size meant for you. If it is difficult for you to calculate this way, then you can seek help by going to the local tennis club or shop.
  • String – This feature is crucial for professional players. Thinner strings will help in delivering spins while thicker strings give more durability. Experienced players will prefer thinner strings as it is advantageous for their game. One more point to note is that the strings have to be restrung or replaced several times a year. This depends on the number of times you play. Restringing will help in increasing the long life of the racket and moreover, help you improve your game.

Rackets are an integral part of the tennis game and putting efforts to select the right one will help you in the long run.

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